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We firmly believe that there is no greater endorsement of the Beal & Beal philosophy than the feedback of our clients and partners.


Thank you for all you have done to bring about the closing of mom’s house. You are an impressive professional, superbly thorough lawyer, compassionate person, insightful individual, and a whole lotta other fabulous qualities which I really appreciated. You handled quite the challenge perfectly… I thank you once more for all you’ve done for my family. Wishing you continued success and satisfaction in all you endeavor.
Catherine, NY
Hallmark Abstract has been providing title services for Beal & Beal, Esqs. for well over two years, and in that time we have found that their only concern is for the protection of their clients interests. While at some firms the deal takes precedence, at Beal & Beal it is the client who is their main priority. The firm operates with the highest level of professionalism, customer service and attention to detail. We hope that Hallmark Abstract will be doing business with B&B for a long time to come.

Michael Haltman, Hallmark Abstract LLC


I deal with a lot of real estate people in my line of work but I'd take you as my team any day of the week and twice on Sunday. You've all been great - and it showed yesterday - a one hour closing - pretty amazing. Carol & Annie - thanks for ALWAYS responding to our questions and working with the title company the way you did. It's a good feeling to know that whatever happens, your attorney and her team has got your back and is better than anyone on the other side of the table.

Martin R., Long Island, NY

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your support in this matter. You are definitely the best lawyer I have ever worked with… Thanks a million!

Teresa C., New York, NY


The firm of Beal & Beal has represented me on several different matters over the past few years.

There are not enough accolades to describe Beal & Beal. They have mastered the art of providing the same level of expertise that one would receive from a large firm, while at the same time, affording each client with the same personal touch and concern one would expect from a small town lawyer.

Beal & Beal is the quintessential embodiment of professionals and will do whatever it takes to protect their client's best interests and wishes.  However, at the same time, they are sensitive, kind and compassionate and the firm never forgets that each client is a person and not merely a file.  The level of care provided by their entire staff is truly and genuinely reassuring.

I would recommend the firm of Beal & Beal absolutely and without reservation.

M.R., Plainview, NY


My company had an extremely important and time-sensitive contract that required review by an attorney. Even though it was a weekend, I was able to contact Beal & Beal and they took the time to speak with me and my partner about the liabilities inherent in the contract language. Their input saved us from making some costly mistakes. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again--or to recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and personal law firm.

B.D., Huntington, NY


I feel so lucky this time around. I have a good broker and a good lawyer who are willing to go extra miles for me…

I can’t express my appreciation more than enough. Thank you, Carol.

T.C., NY